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Business & Work

Reflecting the realities of the modern workplace in their many forms — from images of remote working and start-ups to shots of engineers and artists at work.

turned off laptop computer on top of brown wooden table
gray metal framed chalkboard with whatever it takes written
white and gold sewing machine on white table
calendar with black frame on table
woman in black tank top holding black dslr camera
person writing on white paper
man cleaning on floor beside white wall
person molding vase
white wooden table with chairs
person wearing white latex gloves putting cream on bowls
black flat screen tv mounted on white wall
macbook pro beside clear plastic cup with brown liquid
man in black crew neck t-shirt holding black dslr camera
man writing on paper
person writing on white paper
man in white shirt sitting on chair
white framed glass window building
person holding brown wooden box
green farm heavy equipment on green field
man using angle grinder
smartphone showing Google site
man facing MacBook Pro
brown wooden table and chairs
person discussing while standing in front of a large screen in front of people inside dim-lighted room
person using laptop computer
closeup photo of Co Working neon light sign
sitting man using gadget in room
black and white computer keyboard