Business & Work

Reflecting the realities of the modern workplace in their many forms — from images of remote working and start-ups to shots of engineers and artists at work.

person using laptop on table
turned on computer monitor and laptop with 08:02:47 on screens
three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room
woman holding clear drinking glass
woman holding brown glass
man in black crew neck t-shirt holding black dslr camera
silver MacBook
gray laptop computer on brown wooden table beside person sitting on chair
man standing beside table using laptop
woman in brown long-sleeved shirt in front of dry erase board
white printer paper
man doing welding on outdoors
woman in gray sweater sitting on chair using laptop computer
person sitting on couch holding a Surface device
two women sitting in the cafe chatting
grayscale photography of bus
person getting 1 U.S. dollar banknote in wallet
man using drill press
black laptop computer on brown table beside hanged white cup
person in black hoodie sitting in front of black flat screen computer monitor
person in blue using black Surface device
person sitting near table holding newspaper
woman in black shirt sitting on chair in front of laptop computer
man holding cup filled with coffee on table
woman using MacBook Pro
person sitting on black bench reading newspaper
black flat screen computer monitor and laptop on table
black flat screen computer monitor on brown wooden desk
person using black laptop computer