Business & Work

Reflecting the realities of the modern workplace in their many forms — from images of remote working and start-ups to shots of engineers and artists at work.

turned off laptop computer on top of brown wooden table
black and silver laptop on brown wooden rack
two men sitting on sofa
man sitting on couch with looking at his MacBook on table
woman mixing liquids while sitting near table
man in gray crew neck t-shirt sitting on couch using white tablet computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer
white and black notebook
man using laptop
pink mug on stacked books
gray and white textbook
black and silver audio mixer
woman wearing black framed sunglasses
two gray steel chairs
MacBook Air on gray armchair
six white sticky notes
two orange ottoman chairs near gray side tables
turned off flat screen monitors on top of beige desks
person holding black smartphone
person using black laptop computer
two men driving plane at daytime
man wearing black suit jacket
black ballpoint pen on white spiral notebook
person using MacBook pro
gray laptop computer
turned-onsilver iMac
silver iMac
person using Surface computer on table
woman in white long sleeve shirt using laptop