Pilgrim's Progress

Mood for John Bunyan's Classic

blue and brown abstract painting
grayscale photo of bare trees near building
brown and white concrete building
closeup photography of brown wooden stand
white and brown concrete structures
red heart shaped pillow on brown wooden dock during daytime
person in white crew neck t-shirt
green grass and trees during daytime
brown wooden chair near black van during daytime
green leaf plant during daytime
black and white butterfly on red flower during daytime
cast-iron teapot on wood burner
white flowers with green leaves
orange and white metal part
people walking on pathway near buildings during daytime
man in black suit jacket standing in front of man in black suit
silver sedan parked beside green tree during daytime
black and white bird painting
coconut tree under blue sky
man in white dress shirt sitting on red bench
white cruise ship on sea during daytime
brown wooden fence near body of water during daytime