Gentle Touch

“Touch has a memory.” ― John Keats

silhouette of mountain under starry night
pink flower bud in close up photography
brown wooden plush door
white concrete fountain near white concrete building during daytime
black car with license plate
green grass and green trees during daytime
grayscale photo of concrete building
green and white wooden wall mounted signage
brown shed near river during daytime
boy in gray hoodie holding lighted candles
white and black chair on brown wooden table
green tree under white sky during daytime
white cherry blossom near body of water during daytime
gray high-rise building
brown spider on brown tree branch during daytime
bare trees under blue sky during daytime
woman in blue denim jacket and black pants standing beside brown brick wall during daytime
white and green lighted signage
white and yellow concrete building during daytime
white car on gray concrete road during daytime
happy birthday to you card