City Lines

Do you ever stop to stare at a structure and think wow... This earth is home to some of the most unbelievable structures from cloud poking skyscrapers to ridiculously intricate cathedrals. Architects, Engineers and builders...This is for you

green leaves on brown tree trunk
black and gold cross on white wall
person swimming on the sea during daytime
man in gray hoodie wearing black sunglasses
black and white mountain under blue sky
orange tabby cat lying on gray textile
brown concrete building during daytime
cars parked on parking lot near buildings during daytime
gray asphalt road between green trees during daytime
green leaf tree in plant field during day
woman in blue and pink shirt
white and red boat on sea under blue sky during daytime
brown grass field near brown mountain under blue sky during daytime
gray rocky mountain beside sea during daytime
woman in white collared shirt with silver earrings
people walking on street between high rise buildings during daytime
gray monkey on green grass during daytime
brown and beige building
white porsche 911 parked in front of brown wooden wall
green trees beside body of water during daytime
cars parked on parking lot during daytime
white flowers with green leaves