Collection #191: Kevin Rose

A collection of photos picked by Kevin Rose, co-founder of the social news site Digg, investor at True Ventures, and creator of Oak, a "featured by Apple" meditation and breathing app.

red and yellow fireworks display during night time
black and white cow on brown grass field during daytime
white ceramic mug with heart design
green trees and plants during daytime
brown concrete building near bare trees during daytime
white and brown cake with red straw on white sand
brown concrete dome building under a calm blue sky
woman in red tank top and blue denim shorts standing beside white wall
red and white ferris wheel under blue sky during daytime
green grass near body of water under blue sky during daytime
brown leaves on brown tree branch
black and white concrete building under blue sky
green trees on brown soil during daytime
aerial view of ocean
woman in orange coat standing beside woman in black dress
red and black tower under blue sky during daytime
white and brown concrete staircase