Bibles, Prayer, Jesus, Hope

white car on road near traffic light during daytime
man in black t-shirt riding bicycle on street during daytime
man in gray sweater and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden bench during daytime
green grass field near gray concrete wall
black and white church near open field background of mountain view
2 boys standing on gray concrete dock during daytime
cars parked on parking lot during night time
people in a street with a building in the distance
white flower on brown grass during daytime
black flat screen tv mounted on white wall
green grass field during sunset
white and pink flowers on ground
selective focus photography of black Pentax bridge camera
silver mercedes benz c class on green grass field
green tree under blue sky during daytime
low angle photo of pink flower tree
gray concrete road between green trees during daytime
man in blue and white striped crew neck shirt reading book during daytime