Collection #51: Dave Morin

A collection of photos curated by Dave Morin, founder and CEO of Path.

green-leafed plant
man in black top walking on pavement
water splash on black surface
man sitting on leather sofa
green palm tree near gray car during daytime
brown wooden ceiling with brown wooden ceiling
white ceramic mug with brown liquid
white painted house
brown wood branch on water
brown and white windmill under blue sky during daytime
woman in yellow sleeveless dress holding bouquet of flowers
brown wooden fence on green grass field during daytime
man in white t-shirt and blue shorts standing near black metal table and chairs
red metal crane under blue sky
yellow and pink flowers in clear glass vase
brown wooden house surrounded by green trees during daytime
grayscale photo of man in jacket
woman in green jacket holding brown wooden signage
3 women sitting on brown grass field during daytime