Collection #64: Lawrence Lessig

A collection of photos chosen by Lawrence Lessig, professor of law at Harvard, political activist, writer, and Creative Commons co-creator.

2 men walking on sidewalk near building during daytime
black electric post under blue sky during daytime
grayscale photo of man in white shirt standing on top of airplane
white concrete building near green trees during daytime
black and silver cruiser motorcycle
black and whites print
black and red wheel chair
walking person in striped shirt carrying bag
man in blue denim jacket and gray pants walking on sidewalk during daytime
brown concrete building under white sky during daytime
red white and blue graffiti
white and blue plastic bucket
grayscale photo of woman holding white printer paper
black and white tree painting
woman wearing gray shirt
green leaf on brown tree branch during daytime
grayscale photo of man riding bicycle on road
brown diamond plated metal stairway
woman sitting on plastic trash bin
brown and black labeled box