Dark and Moody

Dark, muted blacks, and abstract subjects

white and gray cat lying on brown woven chair
green tree in front of brown concrete building
green leaves with red flower
person in green hoodie and black pants
white and brown flowers in tilt shift lens
woman in blue crew neck shirt
gray concrete stairs with no people during daytime
woman in brown jacket riding bicycle on road during daytime
red and white love neon light signage
snow-covered mountain
white and grey chapel surrounded by green grass field under grey cloudy sky
mountain covered with snow and surrounded with clouds
white and brown concrete buildings during daytime
pink rose in bloom during daytime
white and black cat on gray rock
man in red and white stripe polo shirt wearing eyeglasses
low angle photo of buildings
black fence with boque lights
grayscale photo of a building
green tree under blue sky during daytime
gray slide window
purple flowers in tilt shift lens