The Bench Collection

Workspace photos from Bench.

woman in black coat covering her eyes with her hand
brown tabby cat on black round plastic chair
gray metal stairway rail
man in white shirt walking on street in grayscale photography
gray concrete road between green grass and trees during daytime
brown and white plant during daytime
city buildings under white sky during daytime
white sedan parked beside store during night time
woman in black coat standing on road during daytime
brown concrete building near road during daytime
purple flowers with green leaves
black and white sport coupe
blue and yellow metal bars
black wooden framed mirror on white wall
green grass field with trees and brown concrete building
man in white crew neck t-shirt holding white ceramic mug
woman in red and black plaid coat and black pants standing on snow covered field during
man in white dress shirt and black pants wearing black sunglasses
man in white t-shirt riding black horse during daytime
man sitting in front of white building during daytime
green mountain beside body of water under cloudy sky during daytime
pink and white flower on brown brick wall
white concrete stairs with black metal railings
woman in white dress sitting on black wheel chair
purple flowers in tilt shift lens