To remake in pixel art

white and brown lighthouse on brown sand during daytime
brown concrete building during daytime
worm's eye view of buildings
grayscale photo of building
bird's-eye view photography of city buildings
gray road beside building
architectural photography of brown temple
white and black building near green trees during daytime
white and black lighthouse under blue sky
low angle view photography of helicopter
several high-rise buildings cityscape
people on bridge
Eiffel Tower, Paris during daytime
woman carrying backpack standing beside snow on street at daytime
man in white dress shirt walking on street during nighttime
white and brown concrete building during daytime
aerial photography of buildings
person running on bridge
landscape photography of bridge over water
woman wearing black shirt and pants standing on field during daytime
steel bridge frame above the wter
man standing near Golden Gate Bridge
white lighthouse on brown rock formation during daytime
brown wooden roof with white round ceiling lamp
stock photography of Union Station
assorted-color painted concrete high rise buildings
brown boat under gray full-suspension bridge near white concrete building at daytime
brown wooden house surrounded by trees
beige concrete dome structure
gray tower