Collection #150: Jeff Sheldon

A collection of beautiful photos inspired by Minimalism, Productivity, and Organization curated by Jeff Sheldon. Jeff is the founder of Ugmonk and creator of GATHER: The minimal, modular organizer that cuts clutter, which can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter →

orange flowers in clear glass vase
assorted books
stack of books on white table
assorted reading books
opened silver MacBook
beverage filled mug beside cookie and book
man holding Holy Bible leaning on bricked wall
seven hardbound books on black surface
clear glass vase with pink flowers
macbook pro on brown wooden table
black metal spiral staircase in room
person in brown hiking shoes sitting on top of building during daytime
two gift boxes on floating shelf
aerial view photography of library
books on table
assorted-title book lot
man in black robe standing near brown wooden book shelf
brown and black books on black wooden shelf
brown wooden book shelves with books
books on white wooden shelf
blue and gray jacket on brown wooden crib
closeup photo of assorted-color book lot
titled book lot
library shelf near black wooden ladder
clear glass cup on white and brown floral table cloth
red rose on white ceramic vase