Collection #125: Medium

A collection of photos curated by Medium, a place to read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you.

woman in gray shirt sitting on chair beside white and black short coated dog
grayscale photos on white wall
black and tan german shepherd lying on concrete floor during daytime
adult brown Labrador retriever
dog sitting on rock
long-coated brown dog on snow
people riding on sled on snow covered ground during daytime
white wolf
woman in black shirt holding brown and white long coated dog
black labrador retriever with brown rope on head
man in black jacket and brown pants walking with brown short coated dog on street during
brown short coated dog running on brown soil
black and white dog
focus photography of brown dog
fawn pug puppy on white fur textile
brown short coat dog on snow covered ground during daytime
dog covering puppy in chest
black French Bulldog sitting on yellow chevron chair
black and brown long coated dog
black pug puppy on persons hand