Collection #1

low angle photography of train railway
closeup photography of red leaf
selective photography of cluster white flowers
closeup photography of yellow and black butterfly perched on pink flower
person holding leaf
shallow focus photography of white flowers
purple flower field during daytime
close-up photography of white petaled flowers
closeup photo of white peace lily near the window
selective focus photography of bamboo trees
sliced breads on blue plate
flower bouquet lot
closeup photo of gray pine tree
person's hand touching tree trunk
man standing on grass under white clouds
purple petal flowers
parked back car
yellow petaled flower in bloom
green leafed vine plant on wall
shallow focus photography of bee on sunflower
bird's eyeview photo of road along forest
selective focus photography of white petaled flowers beside fence
macro shot photo of purple flowers
assorted dried leaves
yellow petaled flower field
green succulent plants
shallow focus photography of green leaves
white petaled flower on white background
orange bird on tree branch
Circular shapes formed by star moving across the night sky