Collection #35: Crew

A collection of photos curated by Crew, a website to help you find talented designers and developers for your app, website or branding project.

white house on brown field under white sky during daytime
white ceramic plate with food on red and white checkered table cloth
shallow focus photography of orange fruits
white ceramic teacup set and glass of milk on table
coffee on white saucer
blueberries on white ceramic bowl
selective focus photo of white ceiling light
woman in gray tank top and blue denim shorts sitting on green grass field during daytime
brown fox on rocky ground during daytime
selective focus photography of black ceramic tea mug and plate on brown wooden table during daytime
assorted sliced fruits in white bucket
crab near wooden stick on sand
two sauces topped with seeds
cupcake on table
orange fruits on gray knit textile
brown potato fries on white ceramic bowl
woman in white sleeveless dress sitting beside woman in white sleeveless dress
water goblets and highball glasses on the tables
six assorted-color macaroons formation
green leafed plant on clear glass bottle on top of table
orange fruit and gray and black knife on brown wooden board low-light photography
selective focus photography of cooked food near tomatoes both on brown wooden chopping board
white flowers on brown stem during daytime
brown fruits on white textile
group of pink-and-white roses party favors
selective focus of noodle
white ceramic bowl
pumpkin on brown canvas textile
basket of tomatoes and vegetables
green ceramic bowl on white surface