Ode to Simplicity

light, airy and with an abundance of negative space

silhouette of mountain under starry night
couple seated on rock formation
blue glass walled high rise building
sea waves crashing on shore during sunset
shallow focus photography of green grass
green leafed tree near withered grass
body of water near bridge during daytime
silhouette of person standing on rocky ground during daytime
brown wooden staircase with brown wooden railings
aerial view of green and brown trees
topless man in black pants holding white textile
ice formation under gray sky
aerial view of ocean waves
silhouette photography of mountain during senset
pine tree covered by mist
white wooden door beside brown tree trunk
white wooden house in the middle of green trees
aerial view of brown and white building on body of water during daytime
man in black jacket and pants standing on concrete bench during daytime
close-up photo of pink petaled flower
selective focus photography of green leafed plant
green leafed trees in front of body of water
brown and gray mountain range
red ladybug perched on white flower in close up photography during daytime
silhouette of 2 person standing on grass field under starry night
silhouette of mountains during sunset
brown and black lighthouse under blue sky during daytime
person stepping on gray log
deer near forest