Computers, Phones, and Tech

Photos of computers, phones, and other tech devices.

city skyline during night time
private signage door
shallow focus photography of white-and-pink petaled flowers
silhouette of person in ocean during sunset
light writing photography
view of snow capped mountain
turned on heart LED signage
person standing on rock formation under red umbrella beside waterfalls
landscape photography of rock formation
several cargo containers
pathway between brown cliffs
man with face half covered with mask standing in front of red and green neon light signage during daytime
man holding black video camera while standing on plank
red neon light
gray stainless steel kettle on fire pit
timelapse photo of train
person wearing red and white coat
group of people watching concert
red and gray car photography
microscope photography of red and black microorganism
if you open yourself to loss
gray metal railings
man in red sneakers sitting in cliff near body of water
bird's-eye view photo of Golden Gate Bridge
person walking on snow path
red and gray abstract painting
white string lights turned on at nighttime
closeup photo of red concrete building
city bike near bush and building at daytime