man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans standing in front of store during daytime
selective focus photography of two red ceramic bowls near two white ceramic pitchers
man sitting on bar chair in front man at cafe
woman in white long sleeve dress
man in gray dress shirt standing in front of table with bottles
round white table and two chairs
cooked food in bowls
red and green pizza tube signage
clear glass hermetic jar on top of brown surface
woman holding shake cup
person holding cheese burger
white ceramic cup on stainless steel espresso machine
person sitting in front of white wooden table
man stainding near wall
green ceramic bowl and plate on table
person preparing cooked dish
man in black crew neck long sleeve shirt holding orange and white plastic cup
boy zipping beverage with straw in disposable cup
brown wooden chairs on restaurant
Beer Wine Mimosa sticker
teacup on saucer
gray scale photo of Friends Cafe store
woman sitting beside clear glass wall
meat with garlic in bowl