Cities with ambiance

Urban, industrial & traditional

teal concrete store
female women standing near black pole
black trike parked near soter
people walking in narrow street with full of food stalls during daytime
man in white dress shirt sitting on red bench
three pairs of silver hook earrings
red and white hanging lantern
plate of glazed bread near mugs on tabletop
timelapsed of lighted church
two man standing inside store during nighttime
people walking on sidewalk during nighttime
black and white pendant lamps
person sitting on chairs with tables
glass cup filled with ice latte on tabletop
photo of cars on road near city building
strawberry, fig, and green fig on display
photo of white and brown dog
assorted wine bottle display
white petaled flowers on pots
assorted glass bottles on wooden shelf
person facing laptop inside room
women's white Coca-Cola crew-neck shirt
assorted-color packs
woman in pink and white long sleeve shirt and black backpack walking on sidewalk during daytime
person holding silver round ornament
woman facing cake displays
white building during nighttime