turned on desk lamp beside pile of books
chessboard on table beside window
woman standing between library book shelves
woman in beige, gray, and red sweater holding silver tablet computer
woman standing indoors
black camera
grayscale photo of a brick house
people sitting on chairs
pathway in the middle of piled books
assorted books in brown wooden bookshelf
people on library
woman sitting on dumbbells on rack
black weight plate beside white sneakers
yellow Prefect pin
person holding pen and white paper on person lap
woman sitting beside opened book holding pencil
brown paper and black pen
eyeglasses on book beside laptop
assorted-color lockers
laptop turned on
books over green trolley bin
man in black academic gown
two men watching on silver MacBook
maps lying on the floor
MacBook Pro on top of table
aerial photo of brown concrete museum
woman blowing assorted color confettis
gray concrete building
grayscale photo of man writing on paper