shallow focus photography of clear glass and silver chandelier
black book on white bed
gold and red lighted candles on table
black and white 20 print table decor
person holding brown wooden chopping board
man in black jacket sitting on chair
three wine bottles near cup and candle on square red table
cake with 2 candle
lighted pillar candles
Three tall white candles.
white candle on brown wooden table
person holding white candle in clear glass jar
baked cookies
assorted-color Happy Birthday candles with flames
white pillar candle on clear glass candle holder
clear glass cup on white and brown floral table cloth
selective focus photography of sliced fruits
person holding red and white candle
woman in black tank top
round white coated birthday cake
brown wooden chopping board beside clear glass bottle
selective focus photography of flamed candle
priest holding whole wheat
black and white glass container
green-leafed plants
red Gas propane gas tank
red and black box with lighted candle