man in black shirt beside kitchen table
sliced lemon on brown wooden table
sliced carrots and white onions on brown wooden table
clear glass cup filled with yellow liquid and ice cubes
red ceramic mug beside black and brown ceramic bottle on brown wooden table
person slicing green vegetable on chopping board
three eggs on white ceramic plate beside brown ceramic mug
woman cutting vegetable
cooked food on tray
person holding black ceramic bowl with food
person holding green glass bottle pouring white rice on stainless steel bowl
person slicing green vegetable in front of round ceramic plates with assorted sliced vegetables during daytime
person carving wood using knife
person holding stainless steel spoon with white and black beans
fruit salads
person holding silver and black stud earrings
man pouring egg on flour
person holding clear glass bowl with corn
person holding green heart shaped leaf
assorted candies and chocolates in box
pineapple slices with crown
red tomato beside green vegetable
brown plastic crate with fruits