made in Santa's Workshop tag
white ceramic mug
three assorted gift boxes
person holding box
four maroon votive candles on teal ceramic plate surrounded by ornaments
woman in red coat holding book
brindle French bulldog puppy in Santa hat
close up photography of woman holding grey and red box
three white-and-multicolored ceramic mugs on white textile
eight assorted-color Christmas bauble lot
selective focus photography of woman holding gift box
woman holding brown gift box standing in front of white wall
two cardboard boxes
gift boxes
shallow focus photography of paper bags
person holding photo album of man on ATM machine
red and silver baubles on Christmas tree
assorted-color baubles on white surface
woman wearing grey sweater and black overall pants while holding brown bag
red and black Let It Snow greeting card artwork
candle beside string light and garland
person showing brown gift box
brown gift box beside stainless steel votive candle
woman carrying brown leather bag while standing near white painted wall
gold plastic decor
green ribbon