pencils and smartphone on top of books
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gives a speech
President Andrew Johnson
President Chester A. Arthur
President and Mrs. Coolidge attended Thanksgiving Day service
white horse in blue dress standing on green grass field during daytime
man in red and black plaid button up shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses
rose gold iPhone 6s on book near Apple watch
white ceramic cup filled with brown coffee on white saucer beside gold scissor
shallow focus photo of people looking at plants during daytime
President James Madison
President James Garfield
President Harry Truman
man in black hoodie holding his chin
woman wearing white and red floral top sitting besides window
silhouette of people standing on highland during golden hours
two person using laptops
man in blue nike crew neck t-shirt holding black dslr camera
President Zachary Taylor
President Grover Cleveland
road near hills
Rosa Parks gives a speech at the Poor Peoples March in 1968
President Theodore Roosevelt
President Bill Clinton
man in gray suit standing on gray concrete road during daytime
man in blue and green jacket and pants holding microphone