two black jersey cattle on ranch
herd of turkey animal surrounded by forest
bird's eye photography of green grass field
closeup photo of black cow calf
herd of cattle under cloudy sky at daytime
herd of black animals on field near mountain
brown and white cattle in forest
two goats on grass field
black cow standing on pavement
six white lambs on green grass field
two brown horses
two white sheeps on green grass field
herd of cows eating grass
white and brown horses standing on green grass during daytime
brown cow on green grass field
two brown horse on mud field
two white lambs
group of cows
brown and white cow
white goat
red and brown rooster
brown yak on green grass
white and black donkey
three white and black horses on open field
close up photo of white and brown goat
brown chicken on brown sand
highland cattle at the field during day
four men near two brown horses
closeup photo of brown hen