woman in orange sleeveless dress standing near white concrete building during daytime
man in white shirt beside woman in black sunglasses
married couple standing beside beige wall
round white ceramic plate, saucer, and two clear champagne flutes
person showing two gold-colored rings
bride and groom standing on rooftop
man and woman standing on wooden platform
man holding person's hands
man holding hand of woman standing near tree
woman taking off her shoe near post
selective focus photography of three lit tealight candles
silhouette of man and woman kissing on grass field under cloudy sky during daytime
man in black suit holding woman in white wedding dress
man and woman walking barefooted on white sand holding shoes and sandals
grayscale photo of a person in black jacket and pants standing in front of a carousel
photo of man and woman laughing during daytime
person playing guitar
silver-colored ring
woman in white sleeveless dress holding red rose bouquet
woman wearing white shirt holding rose covering face
man and woman holding firecracker at nighttime
woman covered in brown scarf with cross hands
grayscale picture of bride holding flower bouquet
man in black suit kissing woman in white wedding dress
man in black suit and woman in white wedding dress walking on sidewalk during daytime
man and woman kissing on brown sand during daytime
couple standing on hill overlooking city at night