woman sitting on brown bench while reading book
man wearing black shirt playing acoustic guitar
woman standing while facing on body of water
man half soak in body of water playing guitar
white and yellow box on brown wooden table
group of women facing backward
man sitting on chair beside table while wearing brown blazer
women's red sleeveless dress
woman sitting on ground while opening book
woman holding Holy Bible
2 women in blue denim jacket
woman in black and white floral dress standing on brown grass field during night time
brown book on white textile
men's brown blazer
woman in brown long sleeve shirt reading book
woman standing beside plants
man holding guitar near body of water
black Holy Bible
woman in blue denim jacket and white shirt
opened book on white textile
men's brown blazer
smiling woman inside green house
woman sitting on concrete floor reading book
man holding brown book
four women looking down
yellow flowers on white paper