coffee surrounded by four baked breads
white ceramic teacup on white ceramic saucer
woman holding a glass of cappuccino beside glass of water on the table
clear drinking glass filled with brown liquid in front of plate sandwich on table
latte field teacup by open book
Menu board on metal chair near wooden countertop
white ceramic cup on white box
person holding white ceramic mug and white ceramic mug on brown wooden table
person pouring brown liquid on clear drinking glass
brown coffee beans
cup of latte on table
white ceramic mug on brown wooden table
person holding silver spoon with white ceramic mug
white ceramic plate with food on table
woman in black framed eyeglasses holding clear glass mug
person in black pants and black and white nike sneakers holding clear drinking glass
white ceramic mug with coffee
cup coffee with milk frothed on brown tabletop
white ceramic teacup on saucer beside red flowers
man sitting on chair reading magazine