woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt
woman with white spaghetti strap top near the bar
brown wooden table and chairs
black framed glass door
meat with garlic in bowl
white and brown wooden chairs and table
assorted foods
grilled fish dish
men's sitting green chair reading newspaper
green potted plant on brown wooden table
brown wooden chairs and tables near brown concrete building during daytime
man and woman sitting on chair eating
brown pendant lamp near beverage refrigerator
clear glass hermetic jar on top of brown surface
sliced pepperoni pizza on plate
woman in black tank top sitting on chair in front of table
black flat screen tv turned off
green and white UNKs neon light signage
four person earring on black wooden table
woman in black long sleeve shirt holding brown box
brown wooden table with table lamp
man slicing fruits on top of board beside drinking glass with yellow labeled liquid at daytime
black and white living room set
red open neon signage
brown wooden table near brown wooden chair