man in black and yellow uniform
war in Indonesia
soldier walking on wooden pathway surrounded with barbwire selective focus photography
man in gray tank top and black pants standing on brown field during daytime
man in red and white jacket and black helmet standing on snow covered ground during daytime
man standing near gate
people working on field
minimalist photography of person standing near backpack and boots
Army taking a ceremonial parade
man wearing black hard hat while holding rifle
man in brown and black camouflage uniform holding rifle
man in brown and black camouflage jacket standing in forest during daytime
people walking on street during daytime
green trees
U.S. flag near graves
Saint Michael Protectus patch
silhouette of statue against black background
person holding USA Flag
man playing trombone
brown dried grass with dried leaves
red and black nutcracker figurine in closeup photo
man and woman drinking coffee in front of wooden table
photography of royal guard marching
soldier pointing rifle during daytime
tombstone lot
man in brown and beige camouflage uniform holding rifle
group of people walking on street
man standing and blowing trumpet