person's left hand wrapped by tape measure
man in gray and orange crew neck t-shirt using black and white exercise equipment
man in white crew neck t-shirt carrying baby in green and black stripe onesie
person in black leather shoes standing on gray asphalt road
red and white no smoking sign
man holding black dumbbell
man stadning near tripod
woman working on leg press machine
topless man sitting on chair
man in black and white tank top and brown shorts sitting on black and red exercise
man in black v neck t-shirt holding barbell
man standing in front of green wall
person doing exercise
topless man in blue shorts standing on wooden floor
person holding black barbell plate
woman seriously performing gym exercise
woman carrying barbells
cup of black coffee beside stainless steel teapot
schule frei fur Fridays for Future signage
topless man in black and white shorts
person standing in front of gray and black barbell
white and black poster
woman standing in front of black barbell
white ceramic mug on black pocket scale