Explore exteriors from around the world — from brutalist buildings to minimalist structures that will give you a new appreciation for the art of architecture.

A concrete overhang in the roof of a round building
glass walls and brown roof
architectural photography of spiky roof building
brown and white building under blue sky
white metal frame ceiling during daytime
black and grey road post light
brown high-rise building with clear blue skies
white and gray concrete building during daytime
brown and white high rise building
worm's-eye view of sphere structure
white and black dome building
low angle photography of high rise building
green trees near white concrete building during daytime
low angle photography of glass building under cloudy sky at daytime
grayscale photography of buildings
low angle photography grey concrete high-rise building
gray high-rise building
lighted high rise building during night time
white and gray concrete house
architecture building ceiling
low angle photography of architectural building
gray concrete hallway with white and blue lights
low-angle photo of brown house
grayscale photo of concrete building
grey metal frame glass roof