Ready, set, snap. Capturing action in the every day — from the tough gym workouts to the tense basketball games out on the court.

man doing motorcycle air stunt during daytime
five men riding row boat
person running on top on hill during daytime
woman wearing red satin sleeveless top
black iPhone 7
three swimmers jumping on swimming pool
woman in black jacket carrying red and black backpack
person riding on mountain bike in forest during foggy day
two person doing mix martial arts on white and blue stadium
person facing down and holding two rods
woman planking on gray asphalt road
man exercising inside dim room
person running on tracking field
white and blue soccer ball on green grass field
group of people during daytime
man riding on kayak
baseball players playing baseball on baseball field
person performing snow ski
man in track suit jogging on concrete road
women running on track field
blue and white road bike leaning on wall
grayscale photo of woman in white tank top and shorts walking on sand
selective focus photography of man sitting on field wearing football gear
man on running field
woman doing yoga on rock platform next to body of water
baseball player swinging bat
woman running on stairs
woman running competition
person holding green Wilson tennis ball
man in gray crew neck t-shirt and white nike socks