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Bokeh gives a dreamy, ethereal, soft quality to an image.
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brown plant in close up photography
green leaves in close up photography
woman in white shirt standing on top of building during night time
green cactus in tilt shift lens
white and purple flowers in tilt shift lens
red round fruits on green tree during daytime
red light on black background
silhouette of plant during sunset
cars on road during night time
girl in red long sleeve shirt standing on red metal fence during daytime
brown grass field during daytime
bokeh photography of city lights during night time
lighted city buildings during night time
red maple leaf on grey concrete
purple flowers in tilt shift lens
purple flowers in tilt shift lens
orange tabby cat on green grass field during daytime
woman in white shirt standing near railings during night time
chess pieces on chess board
man in blue and red plaid button up shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses and white cap
black and white butterfly on tree branch
woman in black tank dress and white hat
green light bokeh on black background