Together, we’re building a library of visuals that reflect our new reality due to the COVID-19 pandemic — from from shots empty public spaces to handmade face masks.

red and black round plastic
white and red street sign
woman in yellow t-shirt holding white tissue paper
man in blue jacket using computer
yellow wooden door
yellow and green i love you print
man in black t-shirt standing near brown wooden table
girl sitting while reading book
man in black suit jacket and black pants standing beside woman in orange dress
white and red labeled bottles
white and blue lysol disinfecting wipes
white wooden cross on brown wooden surface
two minion figurines on black and white chalk board
woman in white crew neck t-shirt sitting by the table with macbook
white and black printed paper
person using macbook pro on white table
green and white brick wall
people walking on hallway inside building
man in white shirt riding bicycle on street during daytime
woman in black and white striped sweater wearing white mask holding black smartphone
woman in black long sleeve shirt and black pants holding iphone
person in blue long sleeve shirt holding silver and gold steel tube
black car on pedestrian lane during daytime
black flat screen tv turned on displaying man in black and red jacket
white digital thermometer on yellow textile
woman in white brassiere and white gloves holding smartphone
person in red jacket walking on brown dirt road
teal and white underwear on gray textile