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Fill the Frame

Bokeh gives a dreamy, ethereal, soft quality to an image.
This topic is part of our Photo Clubs.

white spiral staircase with black metal railings
white and black wooden wall
aerial view of white sand beach
birds eye view of people surfing on sea waves
purple and brown chili peppers
orange light on black background
green leaf plant in close up photography
white and black checkered textile
white concrete building with glass windows
aerial view of boat on sea during daytime
grayscale photo of white flower
black and white flower in close up photography
brown and white wooden surface
brown leaves in close up photography
water dew on brown grass
brown textile with silver round button
brown and black tree branch on white clouds
water droplets on green leaves
brown and green plant leaves
person wearing brown and white lace up shoes standing on green grass field during daytime
red and yellow round fruits