Fill the Frame

Bokeh gives a dreamy, ethereal, soft quality to an image.
This topic is part of our Photo Clubs.

red and white flower in close up photography
white textile on brown wooden clothes hanger
yellow and pink flower in macro photography
water droplets on body of water
brown and gray concrete wall
white and black checkered textile
pink and gray metal frame
black and brown butterfly on brown dried leaves
ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime
blue levis denim jeans
white rose in close up photography
red and yellow flower in macro photography
purple and black flower in close up photography
water drops on body of water
purple and red flower petals
red green and black strap
red and yellow apple fruit
pink rose in close up photography
blue and brown wooden boat
white and green grass field
white snow on brown sand
white flowers with green leaves
gray and white owl in close up photography
brown and black striped textile
brown brick tunnel with hole
orange and white polo shirt