Fill the Frame

Bokeh gives a dreamy, ethereal, soft quality to an image.
This topic is part of our Photo Clubs.

white spiral staircase with black metal railings
water falls on rocky shore during daytime
person wearing silver beaded necklace
green and white abstract painting
brown and black leaves on ground
green water lily pads on water
gray scale photo of flower
yellow flower field during daytime
green and brown leaves in close up photography
green leaves plant during daytime
blue sky and white clouds
brown and green wooden letter r
white flowers with green leaves
yellow and white abstract painting
white clouds and blue sky
white and blue floral textile
brown rock formation during daytime
pink rose in close up photography
brown wooden plank with hole
white line on green surface
green leaves with water droplets
white blue and brown textile
white and brown flower petals
brown textile with silver round button
brown wooden fence during daytime
honeybee perched on yellow flower in close up photography during daytime