This topic is working towards a more inclusive image library. Submissions promoting diversity and highlighting the under-represented are encouraged. Current under-represented areas in the internet’s visual library include body positivity, cultures and ethnicities, disability, feminism, the gender divide and the LGBTQ2S+ community. Topic open till September 30, 2021.

woman laughing beside woman smiling sitting on tufted sofa inside the room
three women wearing blue denim jeans sitting on gray wooden bench
man and woman sitting on grass field during sunset
woman hugging other woman while smiling at beach
group of people posing for photo
two women playing with shopping cart
two women holding skateboards
woman holding wine bottle while another woman holding two clear wine glasses
two men and 1 woman sitting on concrete bench
woman in black leather jacket beside woman in black leather jacket
2 women sitting on brown wooden swing
2 women standing on bridge during daytime
people sitting on brown rock formation during daytime
2 girls holding dried leaves
six women leaning on white wall
man and woman sitting on chair in front of bonfire
woman in black dress holding shopping cart
woman sitting on wheelchair beside man holding we are all humans sign
man sitting on wheelchair holding near full clear drinking glass beside standing and smiling man
two women walking together outdoor during daytime
two women in front of flowers
man in white crew neck t-shirt sitting beside woman in black and white polka dot
man and woman surrounded by red and green floral trees during daytime
woman in blue bikini standing under brown wooden roof
woman in red dress beside woman in black and yellow striped shirt
person playing bicycle
group of people holding drink-filled glasses
three persons sitting on gray concrete rock mountain under gray sky