This topic is working towards a more inclusive image library. Submissions promoting diversity and highlighting the under-represented are encouraged. Current under-represented areas in the internet’s visual library include body positivity, cultures and ethnicities, disability, feminism, the gender divide and the LGBTQ2S+ community. Topic open till September 30, 2021.

three woman holding each other and smiling while taking a photo
woman in white hat and blue and white striped shirt standing near white building during daytime
woman in black tank top wearing black sunglasses reading book
man in blue dress shirt beside woman in black tank top
woman in black and white scarf
woman in black dress holding shopping cart
two women playing with shopping cart
three women kneeling inside building at daytime
woman in gold and gold bracelet
man in black and white striped long sleeve shirt holding white ceramic mug
man and woman standing and covering blanket and smiling
people standing near building
people hugging each other in the middle of crowd
woman in white tank top lying on bed
three people having conversation inside park
woman wearing black cardigan and blue jeans sitting on post lamp
two women sitting at the back of the car
man and woman sitting on chair in front of bonfire
woman playing guitar sitting beside with woman wearing scarf
two women taking photo at stairs
woman in white crew neck shirt beside woman in gray hoodie
group of people sitting on bench near trees duting daytime
four women holding clear drinking glasses under clear blue sky during daytime
woman with red lipstick smiling
person in black jacket holding white disposable cup
man in blue crew neck t-shirt wearing red cap
grayscale photo of woman standing between two men
3 women sitting on red carpet
woman in black long sleeve shirt standing beside woman in blue long sleeve shirt
woman wearing grey cardigan