Powerful photographs from the past — exploring monumental moments throughout our shared history.

grayscale photo of concrete building
grayscale photo of men in black suit jackets
gold and white cathedral interior
man statue
grayscale photo of people inside laboratory
man in black coat standing near white building
grayscale photography unknown persons standing
,man holding rootcrop
Angela Davis, half-length portrait
brown and black stone fragments
architectural photography of Tower of Pisa
two men standing near film camera while shooting a film
group of people walking
3 men in green coat standing on white floor during daytime
people in white robe standing on gray concrete floor
grayscale photo of a ship on a beach
white castle photography
black and white checkered textile
Coliseum, Italy
brown concrete gate
grayscale photo of concrete statues
man riding horse statue during daytime
woman in white dress wall decor
people inside temple painting
photo of beige temple
black and white solar panel