Powerful photographs from the past — exploring monumental moments throughout our shared history.

space shuttle view outside the Earth
grayscale photo of police riot team on pedestrian lane
photo of Colosseum during golden hour
rocket ship photography
man with steel and chainmail armor holding sword
brown concrete arch during daytime
yellow and black no smoking sign
Mount Rushmore
maps lying on the floor
book lot on black wooden shelf
earth photo
brown cathedral
spacecraft flying through the sky
man in brown and black camouflage uniform holding rifle
jesus christ on cross painting
old photos in brown wooden chest
brown wooden horse head sculpture beside Colosseum
astronaut with white background
Statue Of Liberty
brown and beige stripe wall
black and white photo lot
Mt. Rushmore during daytime
grayscale photo of woman sitting while reading newspaper
Statue of Liberty, New York under white and blue cloudy skies
people gathering on street during nighttime
Mount Rushmore
brown and beige concrete wall
people riding on horse carriage near white concrete building during daytime
woman in white dress painting