Whether it’s a peaceful bedroom or a cluttered kitchen — photographs of our spaces tell the story of who we are.

white cuddle chair and throw pillows near window
woman in white long sleeve shirt lying on bed
black pendant lamp turned on in room
white chairs and table on white floor tiles
brown coat hanging beside the crossbody bag
black leather bag on brown wooden table
black and white cat on black and white sofa
black guitar beside opened door
two empty armchairs beside wooden wall
red flower on white table
white and black dining table and chairs
brown and black rope in close up photography
clear glass jar with orange liquid inside
brown wooden table with white and brown chair
black ceramic vase on white textile
white and silver spiral staircase
woman in gray long sleeve shirt sitting on gray couch
three assorted books
gray sofa chair near green potted plant
green potted plant on table
white and brown table lamp on white wooden table
white cardboard box on white table
white bathtub with white towel
brown ceramic vase with silver spoon
white and red bed linen
gray freestanding range oven
white bed pillow on bed
red candle in candle holder near petaled flowers and teapot