Whether it’s a peaceful bedroom or a cluttered kitchen — photographs of our spaces tell the story of who we are.

green potted plant on white round table
man and woman standing in front of gas range
magazines hanged on wall near round beige wooden table
black alarm clock at 10:10 on white wooden table near table
white pillow on sofa
black and white chair beside white wall
white ceramic bathtub with water
woman in white crew neck t-shirt sitting on bed
black 2-light torchiere beside brown wooden-top desk with black steel frame
brown and white wooden desk with chair and laptop
empty gray wing chair
white hanging bench with stainless steel base
brown and black ottoman beside white wooden door
brown and black electric guitar on black guitar stand
beige armchair
white ceramic mug on brown wooden table
closeup photo of brown leaf near brown wooden frame
powered-off floor lamp beside comforter
white ceramic vase on brown wooden seat
black and silver kitchen cabinet
white ceramic bowl on brown wooden cabinet
brown wooden chair beside white wooden drawer
green leafed plant on vase on table
woman standing near window inside bedroom
bowls and bottles in white wooden 4-layer shelf
rectangular white wooden table and chairs in white wall paint room
black and white bed pillows on bed
2 white pillar candles on white wooden table
brown wooden table near window