Liquid Macro Abstracts

Create abstract images using oil and water!
This topic is part of our Photo Clubs.

water droplets on glass window
white round plastic on brown surface
orange round light on white background
blue and green light with water droplets
pink and white bubbles illustration
pink and white bokeh lights
orange rose in bloom close up photo
white balloons on water during daytime
white round ceramic plate on white table
pink and blue heart illustration
blue and white abstract painting
red and white polka dot textile
pink and white balloons on pink background
black and white polka dot textile
red yellow and green round glass
round white ceramic plate on white table
blue and white light illustration
pink and white heart illustration
purple and pink 3 d illustration
blue and white balloons on blue sky
green balloons on blue sky
yellow round balls on water
pink and blue abstract painting
green and yellow abstract painting
yellow and green round light