Let’s celebrate the magic of Mother Earth — with images of everything our planet has to offer, from stunning seascapes, starry skies, and everything in between.

A close-up photo of the bright center of a star cluster.
white ducks
green leafed trees
aerial view of ocean waves
aerial view of mountains during daytime
black and red clouds
trees beside snow capped mountain during daytime
calm body of water
body of water surrounded by pine trees during daytime
airplane on ground surrounded with trees
aerial photography of brown trees and mountains under white clouds
green leafed tree on body of water under starry sky
brown rocky mountain under white sky during daytime
human walking on snow covered mountain
green grass cliff beside green body of water
photo of sea waves
snowy mountain covered with clouds
gray asphalt road near brown mountain during daytime
seashore near pine trees
person standing on rock near body of water during daytime
photography of sea corals
macro shot of spider web
A drone shot of a frozen lake in Bozeman
clouds during golden hour
green trees covering with fog during daytime
brown plant in close up photography
forest covered in fog during daytime
mountains during blue hour
red and white mushroom