Photography has the ability to examine life’s big questions, by exploring themes of love, loss, healing and human connection.

dried soil
person sitting on black surface looking to sky
silhouette of hands
woman holding while looking to painting of man carrying baby
shallow focus photography of man and woman holding hands
close-up photo of water ripple
person praying in front of an altar
love one another chalk written on concrete floor
white concrete building during dayitme
bokeh photography of person carrying soil
water droplets on plant stem
grayscale photo of woman
white printer paper on white table
silhouette of man standing on sand during sunset
empty concrete road covered surrounded by tall tress with sun rays
opened book beside black ceramic mug
silhouette of man sitting at rocks
a brown wooden cross
silhouette of woman jumping
silhouette of trees during sunset
woman in black and white floral long sleeve shirt
view of children outside vehicle
man kneeling down near shore
silhouette of man sitting on cliff
silhouette of personr
man on grass field looking at sky
woman praying beside tree
woman carrying child while standing near trees at daytime
blue sky with white clouds during daytime