Photography has the ability to examine life’s big questions, by exploring themes of love, loss, healing and human connection.

low-angle photo of lightened candles
woman in white long sleeve shirt holding white flowers
woman meditating on rock in bank of lake
man in red and black polo shirt
brown book
body of water
woman in white and pink floral shirt
party clouds
green leaf tree under blue sky during daytime
woman in blue dress standing on rock
persons hand with gold ring
Proverbs book on wooden surface
green tree during nighttime
white printer paper with dont mean text overlay
man standing on mountain peak
water dew on green plant
person holding book
hanging chain silhouette
green trees on green grass field during daytime
person wearing knit cap facing mountain
woman wearing black shirt
brown building
person holding Holy Bible
green tree under blue sky during daytime
person standing on the seashore
woman in white floral long sleeve shirt