Photography has the ability to examine life’s big questions, by exploring themes of love, loss, healing and human connection.

A close-up of long dry blades of grass
man holding book in the ricefield
grayscale photo of woman wearing eyeglasses
person holding leaf plant
grayscale photo of man face
people raising their hands in front of stage
woman wearing black shirt
white flowers
red painted pew
brown grass in tilt shift lens
woman closing her eyes near pile of logs
white clouds over mountain during daytime
man praying
man in blue and white plaid shirt using laptop computer
closeup photo of adult lion
silhouette photography of right person's hand doing peace hand gesture
Holy Bible beside white rose
open book on top of desk
silhouette of person standing on hill
brown wheat field during daytime
person holding white heart paper
white wooden stairs near brown wooden door
grayscale photogaphy of man sitting on concrete bench
man sitting near gray steel roller shutters during daytime
clouds during golden hour
woman in white and pink dress
white clouds over snow covered mountain
brown and white floral textile
2 people walking on snow covered ground during daytime