As technology is evolving quickly, what was relevant one year ago may not be today. This is why we’ve teamed up with Dell XPS to build an ever evolving archive of technology. From photos of the latest trends in tech to every day shots of your beloved laptops and mobile phones — submit your photos to the Technology Topic for a chance to be featured.

person wearing silver Apple Watch with white band
black Logitech G710+ wireless keyboard and wireless mouse near gray flat screen computer monitor on table
black flat screen tv turned on near black headphones
black samsung android smartphone beside black wireless computer mouse
white apple airpods charging case
rocket launching with white smoke underneath
man in black jacket standing on blue lighted room
black canon dslr camera on white background
woman wearing black leggings lying on rug using tablet
silver titanium Apple Watch with gray nylon strap
person operating smartwatch
white, orange, green, and purple computer keyboard
black flat screen tv turned on near white wooden table
three person standing near wall inside building
architectural photography of range hood
selective focus photography of man with black mask
person wearing black pants and black shoes
black and white wooden desk with black laptop computer
white apple earpods on white surface
person using macbook pro on brown wooden table
flatlay photography of wireless headphones
person using macbook pro on white table
man in black t-shirt writing on white paper
person in black and gray sweater using Surface device
black video camera on white table
person holding black card
white light switch on wall