As technology is evolving quickly, what was relevant one year ago may not be today. This is why we’ve teamed up with Dell XPS to build an ever evolving archive of technology. From photos of the latest trends in tech to every day shots of your beloved laptops and mobile phones — submit your photos to the Technology Topic for a chance to be featured.

person wearing silver aluminium case Apple Watch with white Sports Band
white robot near brown wall
woman using telescope
boy playing donkey kong arcade box
person holding gold aluminum Apple Watch
silver aluminum case apple watch with black sport band
man in black t-shirt writing on white paper
white quadcopter on lawn
man holding his phone while sitting on chair
iPad near sunglasses, wallet, and DSLR camera
activity tracker reading 11 36 Mo 21
white robot
black iphone 7 plus with white background
black and gray microphone on black microphone stand
minimalist photography of person taking pictures of City Federal signages
selective focus of black and white quadrone
tilt shift lens photography of gray Phantom drone
photo of rocket ship inside warehouse
turned-on black and red computer tower
black and white abstract illustration
two women facing security camera above mounted on structure
selective focus photography of flying quadcopter
MacBook beside headphones
black iPhone turned on
black Logitech G710+ wireless keyboard and wireless mouse near gray flat screen computer monitor on table
man in black knit cap and brown jacket using black laptop computer
person in black long sleeve shirt holding black tablet Surface device