As technology is evolving quickly, what was relevant one year ago may not be today. This is why we’ve teamed up with Dell XPS to build an ever evolving archive of technology. From photos of the latest trends in tech to every day shots of your beloved laptops and mobile phones — submit your photos to the Technology Topic for a chance to be featured.

silhouette of wind turbines during sunset
space gray iPhone 8 and Apple AirPods
persons hand on black computer keyboard
multicolored frame
man playing using VR headset
black laptop computer
black iphone 4 on white textile
white and red airplane under white clouds during daytime
person holding white android smartphone
white laptop
black iphone 5 on green plant
teal and white corded headset near VHS tape
person in white long-sleeved shirt
woman covering her eyes with circuit boards
person holding silver Acer Chromebook laptop
graphics board
turned on flat screen monitor
black and gray microphone on black microphone stand
black game controller with yellow letter b
white ceramic mug with brown liquid
blue and black game controller
macbook pro on white table
white electronic device on green textile
vintage gray game console and joystick
Sony PS4 DualShock controller
black and gray cordless computer mouse
white apple airpods charging case
black Bose headphone
black drone flying in mid air
white and black drone in mid air