As technology is evolving quickly, what was relevant one year ago may not be today. This is why we’ve teamed up with Dell XPS to build an ever evolving archive of technology. From photos of the latest trends in tech to every day shots of your beloved laptops and mobile phones — submit your photos to the Technology Topic for a chance to be featured.

shallow focus photography black Canon DSLR camera
black headphones above black box
black haired woman wearing jacket
black iphone 5 on green plant
black and silver car steering wheel
telescope pointed at helicopter on mid air
black sony audio device on white textile
person holding DSLR camera
white and black VR Box headset on green grass field
person playing blue Nintendo Advance SP
gray Sonos speaker on table
shallow focus photography of black iPhone 7 Plus
black beats by dr dre bluetooth speaker
white and gray round device
white and black Bluetooth headphones
white Sony PS4 DualShock controller over person's palm
person putting magstripe card near black card terminal
person in black shorts sitting on black and red stationary bike
MacBook Pro
shallow focus photography of black Xbox controller
white Sony PS4 Original with controller
person clicking Apple Watch smartwatch
white and black beats by dr dre headphones
black and silver car stereo
round decor in greyscale photography
person holding Visa card and white device
iPad in helicopter