This topic is working towards a more inclusive image library. Submissions promoting diversity and highlighting the under-represented are encouraged. Current under-represented areas in the internet’s visual library include body positivity, cultures and ethnicities, disability, feminism, the gender divide and the LGBTQ2S+ community. Topic open till September 30, 2021.

woman cooking at the kitchen
sitting man using gadget in room
woman in green hijab sitting on chair
man in green crew neck t-shirt holding smoking pipe
two women sitting on chair
woman sitting infront of MacBook
woman in blue sleeveless dress standing beside woman in blue crew neck t-shirt
two women talking while looking at laptop computer
man in black framed eyeglasses and black shirt
person holding silver fork on white paper
man in black crew neck t-shirt using macbook
man in blue and white tank top sitting on chair
woman looking at MacBook
woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on black and white chair
person holding white computer keyboard
woman in black t-shirt standing in front of sink
woman in orange long sleeve shirt sitting on chair
woman using desktop computer
group of women lined up
woman facing microphone
black flat screen computer monitor
three people around a laptop with stickers on it
sitting woman while using MacBook
woman in gray hoodie wearing black hijab
person in white long sleeve shirt using macbook pro
smirking woman wearing red and black checkered top and eyeglasses
woman in white long sleeve shirt using black laptop computer